What is counselling? 

Counselling offers a safe and confidential space in which you can explore your thoughts, feelings and responses to life without fear of judgment. Sometimes the simple act of being ‘heard’ can allow us to feel more accepting of our situation, thereby allowing us to experience life more positively.  

Is ‘counselling’ the same as ‘therapy’? 

Yes, I use both words interchangeably. Counselling is a type of talking therapy.

What is your approach?

I’m a Humanistic Integrative counsellor.


Humanistic: Focusses on your uniqueness in the world, and encourages you to see that you already possess the skills to be your best self. 

Integrative: A mix of different models / theories, because you’re unique and no one size fits all!

How long is a session? 

Sessions last 60 minutes, whether we are face-to-face or online. 

How long will I need therapy for? 

It's up to you. You can choose open-ended therapy or a fixed number of sessions. Or even ad hoc sessions, as and when something comes up for you. This is something that’s discussed in a first session, but it’s not set in stone. You are in charge of your journey and how to navigate it – my job is to help with the map reading.